FAZ ReviewApril 26, 2012 | Freddy Langer


Traveling is dreaming – at least in a train when the monotonous sound of the rolling wheels is gradually carrying the traveler away into a kind of waking coma, and he perceives the landscape flying by as only apparitional: more patches of color than landscapes, more shapes and surfaces than architecture.

Candace Gaudiani took photographs out of train windows. Between Destinations is the title of a photo book containing these images: Zwischen den Zielen (German for “Between Destinations”). They have all been taken in the United States. But you wouldn’t want to call the series documentary, because more than showing a country, it depicts a certain kind of perception at the intersection of presentiments and memories – almost as if it were a journey through a life instead of a topography.”

(c) FAZ, Germany, April 26, 2012

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