Wave Motion

Wave Motion

Wave Motion is Gaudiani’s newest work. It is in two forms – motion video and still image. The work was captured across the Americas, from Mexico to Colorado. Hidden invisible forces become visible in swirling waters.

The first part of the project is a series of videos with their accompanying sound of wind and water. Start by playing any of the ten Wave Motion videos. In experiencing these videos the viewer finds that a meditative effect can be produced in the space of just two minutes. Pausing the video at random can lead to surprising results. Each still image reveals evocative and ambiguous patterns, shapes, and “images” in the water ripples. The second part of the project comprises stills that Gaudiani isolated and pulled from the same videos. She prints them at 31” x 53” on a specially-coated paper that helps reproduce the fleeting luminosity and mystery of the water patterns. The surface of the paper paired with the oversize printing of the images, allows an immersive experience, even in still form. 

Gaudiani was drawn to the phenomenon of wave motion in physics class during her school years. Attracted to dark themes as a youth, as she finds herself experiencing some of late life’s darknesses, she is now unafraid to find beauty in unexpected places. It’s as though wave motion has been waiting for her to discover it all these years. 

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